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 Hassan Hijazi


Is the owner of Texas Premier Dental Lab and has been practicing the Art of Prosthetic Dentistry since 1984. He attended the Texas State Technical Institute, trained at a renowned Prosthodontist’s in-house lab where he mastered diagnostic wax up case planning of implants over fixed or removable. He worked for the University of Texas Dental School in Houston through ORCA dental lab.

Hassan has a long experience with several Prosthodontists in Houston including Dr. Wayne Brueggen and Dr. Neal B. Gittleman who both testify to his expertise and exceptional service.

Hassan specializes in Implants over all four, implants over locators, implants over crowns and bridges and surgical guide for implants. But he is also well experienced in cosmetic veneers, Emax, full contour Zirconia, and Onlays and Inlays


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